Services, Our Principles & Our Value Proposition

Honesty and Integrity Count – We began AAJ with the belief that if you do the right thing, it comes around.  We tell both Clients and Candidates as much as we can.  We don't hide the facts about an engagement.  We treat everyone with respect.  One way we do this is by letting our candidates/employees know exactly what rate we are billing them out at.  Or, in the case of direct hires – we work with the Candidates to come up with a compensation level that makes sense, and submit them at the corresponding rate.  We're also happy to tell our clients how much we are paying someone.  Why not?

We charge a fair price for the value we add – We don't mark candidates up 100% just because we can.  We mark candidates up enough to cover our costs, and make a few dollars.  For example, if we a client comes to us, and says they are willing to pay us $125/hr for Java developer – but we only need to bill that person out at $95/hr to make our number – that's what we'll bill them out at.  We believe that makes sense in the long term for everyone.

Value Proposition – Our rates tend to be lower than the larger staff agencies.  How do we do it?  We keep our overhead low, we don't spend a lot of money on Marketing, and we focus our business by leveraging our network of both candidates and clients.  By keeping our costs down, we can pay our contractors/employees better than the larger agencies, and also bill our clients at a lower rate.  We think that makes good business sense for everyone.

What This Means on the Full Time Employee Recruiting Side – we are contingency fee based, and our rate is lower than most of the Recruiting companies in the area.  We leverage the same infrastructure, find great candidates, and hopefully get them a job with a great client.  There's something altruistic about helping someone get a full time job – and we like doing it.  Plus, if we treat that candidate well, they inevitably become a client at sometime in the future – now that's networking!

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