How We Find Candidates

Our Network – and Our Database

We have all been in business for a long time, and have been responsible for identifying, hiring and leading strong talent across each of AAJ’s areas of expertise.  We each have a large personal network of Passive Job seekers.  Add to that everyone that we’ve spoken to and interviewed, and we have over three thousand candidates in our database. This is where we start a search, rather than rely on the public databases.

Public Job Sites

Sometimes we will not have a candidate, or candidates in our database, that are a fit for a particular engagement.  In these cases, we’re not afraid to go out, and go through the public databases, and also to put advertisements in various on-line places where qualified candidates are currently looking for opportunities.  That being said, we carefully go through every candidate that we find through this process, and follow our standard procedures to make sure we only submit excellent candidates.  We do this … so you don’t have to.

Assessment Tests

We are technologists.  While we do not code these days, we have enough depth to quickly determine a candidates relative technical strength.  We augment our technology depth with automated testing of a wide variety of specific technology tools. We test our technical candidates leveraging SHL/Previsor (or other testing tool) to verify the scope and breadth of their skills. We also conduct interviews which require candidates to demonstrate good communications skills. We ensure that our candidates can communicate effectively, which we believe is imperative for great contractors/employees.  No matter the skill set that is desired, you can be assured that we will ensure that candidate claims are substantiated.

Reference Checks

We conduct multiple reference checks to validate our candidate’s credentials. This is all done to help ensure the most qualified candidate is submitted for your engagement.  We want to make sure you get only the best, brightest, and honest candidates that we can find.

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