At AAJ, we've all been there.  We've spent many years running and staffing large organizations and consulting companies, and we understand the many demands you face.  We have a unique ability to partner seamlessly with you to help define and fill your staffing needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering the rite person for the job.  We do our best to give our clients exactly what they ask for.

Our 28 years of local (DC Area) experience has allowed us to create a candidate-pool and client-base that is well established and diverse.

Our successes have earned us an undeniable reputation as fair business partners- to both our candidates and our clients.

We have three basic ways we do staffing with our clients:


Whether you need an Oracle DBA for a 3-month project, a Product Marketing Manager for a launch, a Java developer for a year or a Project Manager to start immediately and stay through delivery, AAJ can help.  We find you the correct person for the engagement, and make the business side of the deal as painless as possible.  You'll also find our rates are more reasonable than our competition because we don't try to maximize every deal.  Our goal is to always create a deal that is win-win-win.  In the end we want the Client and the contractor to feel great opportunity.


AAJ mitigates the risk of hiring by offering our clients a chance to get to know our candidate before making permanent decisions.  In many cases it makes sense to bring on a candidate as a contractor, and later change the status of this person to employee.  If a client wants to hire an individual, and that person would like to be an employee of the client, it would be bad business not to let this happen.  We negotiate our deal up front with our clients to make this as simple and cost effective as possible.


We won't waste your time with a hundred resumes, and only five good ones.  We'll send you as many as we can, but they will match what you're looking for.  They'll be pre-qualified by our expert team.  We promise you won't waste your time looking at resumes that aren't a good fit - the people we'll send over will be solid.  They will have been interviewed at least twice.  And, they will want the job.  We will never send over a resume for someone who is not interested in the opportunity.  We're looking for a good fit for both the client and the candidate.  We don't want to waste your time, the candidates time, or our time by sending over candidates that we know have no chance of being successful.

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