Frequently Asked Questions by Candidates:

Looking to find out more about what it's like to work with AAJ Interactive Technologies? We've answered some of the frequently asked questions below:

Is there a fee associated with our services?  A candidate never pays us a fee.  For candidates who get full time jobs with our clients, the client pays us a fee based on a percentage of your first year compensation.  For contract positions, we mark up the hourly rate to the client.  Please know that we don’t mark up our rates nearly as much as the big Staff Augmentation companies.  Our goal is to offer great candidates at a very reasonable price point – and we couldn’t do that if we were greedy, and marked up significant amounts.

What types of positions do we have available?  We typically recruit for technology professionals, but also occasionally have positions for Marketers, Writers, Accountants and Attorneys.  Please check our Jobs page for our current openings.

How does the process work?  After we receive your resume, someone from AAJ will call you to discuss your background, what you want to do, where you want to do it, and how much you’re looking for in terms of compensation.  After the initial conversation, the path you go down will depend upon the situation.  We may have you meet with a partner to discuss the position face-to-face, we may give you an assessment test (on-line), we may ask for samples of your work (writing, designs, code).  After we’ve carefully reviewed your candidacy, if we believe you are a solid fit for one of our clients, we will submit you to the client.  At that point the process will vary based on the client, and their internal process.  Generally there will be a phone interview, a face-to-face interview, and then a decision.

What do you need to do after you submit your resume?  Nothing really.  We will either call you, or send an email to schedule a convenient time for a conversation.

How does AAJ protect your personal information?  We will NEVER give away any of your information without your prior approval.  We will never submit your resume to a client, until you’ve told us (either on the phone, or via email), that you are interested and would like to be submitted to that client.  And, when we do submit you to a client, we remove all of your direct contact information, except for your name.  Once the process begins with that client, we will then provide only the necessary information for the process to continue (phone number, email address, etc.).

Why should I work with AAJ?  We really try to do the right thing.  It’s a small world, and our reputation has been earned!  At the end of the process, whether we’ve gotten you a position or not, we want you to walk away and say that it was a pleasure to work with AAJ.  Ask around about us – we know that you’ll find that to be true.


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