Candidates - Why work with AAJ Interactive Technologies?

Why should I work with AAJ? We really try to do the right thing. It’s a small world, and our reputation has been earned! At the end of the process, whether we’ve gotten you a position or not, we want you to walk away and say that it was a pleasure to work with AAJ. Ask around about us – we know that you’ll find that to be true.

It can take weeks, even months, to find a job that you're well qualified for and is a good fit.  AAJ helps with the process, and makes is easier for you by:

Our History – we've established working relationships with many different companies who come to us for assistance when it's time to fill their most demanding positions. We know the hiring manager.  In a lot of cases, they’ve worked for us, or we’ve helped them find a job.  They know that we treat everyone in the process with the same level of integrity and respect.  We have the resources and expertise to find you not only the position that truly excites you, but also one where you won’t have a two hour commute in each direction, or think that they are underpaying you.  We’ll help find you the right job.

Valuable Experience – we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations, and we've done so for many job candidates! We value honesty and integrity at every step in the process and will never force a job that is not the best fit for you. Since we don’t submit a lot of candidates, and we generally personally know the decision maker, we have a better chance of getting you that interview.  When we send a candidate to a client – they get considered.  It’s not like just replying to a job advertisement, and being one of a hundred resumes the company receives.  A candidate from AAJ is assumed to be well screened, and well qualified for the position.

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