Our History

We were technology executives working for Bell Atlantic (now known as Verizon) in the early 90’s trying to figure out how to make a business out of streaming media to build one of the world’s first commercial video on demand services. We had come out of the Consulting and Telecom industries, and we were tasked with building the systems to support the future of the phone company, and to also envision what would become the Internet, and Broadband distribution of content.

While in our positions at Bell Atlantic, and from previous experience hiring employees, and using contracting/consulting firms, we realized there was a better business model.  We didn’t like paying $200/hr for someone who was making $60,000/yr working for one of the big consulting companies.  We didn’t like the fact that on top of that, we were paying for them to travel from all over the country to come work for us in the greater DC area.  We thought there had to be a better business model.

We established AAJ Interactive Technologies in 1997.  We started AAJ Interactive Technologies with the basic principles of:

1)      The right person for the job is based on more than a skills match

2)      Be sincere, honest, and have integrity

3)      Tell everyone everything (they’ll eventually find out anyway)

4)      Charge a fair price for the value we add

5)      Do what’s right for the candidate/contractor/employee

6)      Happy employees/contractors do better work

7)      Leverage local talent whenever possible

8)      Stay involved in the work being done for clients

9)      Serve your existing clients before looking for the next one

We’ve stayed true to these principles, and have survived where many others have failed.  We continue to thrive, and have lived through major changes to our economy, the industry, and the competition.  We’ve partnered with great companies, had many fantastic clients, and had so many great people work for us over the years – it’s hard to count.  Many of those individuals we placed are now our clients, as they’ve grown into senior positions within our clients, or have moved on to new companies, and brought us in as a supplier.

We really like what we do. It’s rewarding to help someone find a position where they are happy and can thrive.  We plan to continue to do this for a long time.


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