Management Team

Alan Glenn – Partner

Alan is the co-founder and managing partner of AAJ Interactive Technologies.  Through years of experience (both tactical and managerial) and an unwavering commitment to technological innovation, Alan has an established reputation as a well-respected professional and a valued partner to both vendors and senior business management throughout our industry. 

As a Vice President at Bell Atlantic and Tele-TV, Alan led a technology team that invented and commercialized the world's first fully interactive video-on-demand technology platform.  Alan's incredible ability to find and recruit stellar talent, coupled with his exceptional team-building acumen resulted in his team's ground-breaking success.

While building AAJ Interactive Technologies, Alan served as the Chief Technology officer for eVidient (a GE/Capital incubated media distribution startup), GR8 (a web design house) and (an integrated concierge service.)

Alan was also instrumental in the early success of james martin & Co., a world-class strategic consulting and integration organization. There, he provided strategic technology management consulting to Fortune 500 executives in the telecommunications, insurance chemical, energy, publishing and consumer goods industries.

Alan has a Bachelors degree from The Pennsylvania State University.


Andrew Nussbaum – Partner

Andy is the co-founder, and current managing partner of AAJ Interactive Technologies.

Andy worked closely with Alan at both Bell Atlantic and Tele-TV.  As Senior Director, Andy relied on his acute diplomatic and technical/business skills to successfully managing not only portions of the business and delivery systems development, but also the tricky communications between the partners' desires, the creative team's "big ideas" and the technical staff's capabilities.

Andy also served as a developer, systems test team leader and senior systems analyst for American Management Systems in their Telecommunications group. His in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technology and business expertise added unparalleled value to the teams overall capabilities.

Andy has a BS in Computer Science from SUNY Plattsburgh and an MBA/MIS, with honors, from Syracuse University.


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