What We Do

AAJ Interactive Technologies, headquartered in the Washington DC area, is a full-service professional staffing and recruiting firm providing contract, direct hire and executive search solutions. Our diverse client base represents a wide range of industries, including technology and media, financial services, professional services, federal services and non-profit organizations.

Our team specializes in providing candidates by leveraging our personal networks, and also tapping the vast resources of the general pool of candidates available in our region, and beyond.

What we do differently is the degree that to which we carefully screen candidates.  We want to make sure that a candidate is a solid fit for your staffing needs.  We realize that every client is critical, every candidate is unique and every role requires just the right match.  We take the time necessary to interview candidates multiple times, check references, and where appropriate, test our candidates.  We also strive to understand your needs in terms of culture and only provide candidates that will excel in your organization. 

We’re not known for submitting thirty candidates for an opportunity – but for submitting just the right candidates.  In some cases we may not submit any candidates, but that’s because we haven’t found anyone worth submitting, or who would want the position.  We are engaged to add value, not waste time.  .

Our executives have spent many years running and staffing large digital media and technology and IT organizations and consulting companies, and we understand the many demands you face.  We have a unique ability to partner seamlessly with you to help define and fill your staffing needs. 

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